SUK 5/3/23
Mark 10:17-34

(Mark 10:21)

Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,”he said. “Go sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Jesus loved this rich young man and called him to follow, but why did the young man go away sad?

This wealthy young man has lived according to God’s commandments since he was a child. He asked the Lord Jesus an important and good question: “How can I receive eternal life?” The Lord Jesus answered him sincerely, asking him to sell everything, distribute it to the poor, and follow the Lord Jesus. The young man changed his face and left sadly! This behavior showed that he valued the wealth he possessed more than eternal life. He liked to live a comfortable life that he was used to, and he did not want to follow the Lord Jesus to help the poor and sick. It is a pity that this young man can only enjoy temporary wealth in this world, and has given up the opportunity to accumulate wealth in heaven forever, and can only pass by the Savior Jesus Christ. The loving Lord Jesus did not come to this world to make money and enjoy happiness. He then prophesied to his disciples, telling them that he would be killed but would rise again on the third day.

  1. Think about what treasures you have? Please tick them one by one. Please make good use of them! Plan to share with those in need, or contribute to the church.
  2. □ Bank deposits
  3. □ Time
  4. □ Toys
  5. □ Clothes
  6. □ Food
  7. □ Room
  8. □ Stationery
  9. □ The gift of singing
  10. □ The gift of playing the piano
  11. □ Other ______________

  1. Inherit eternal life:Receive eternal life from God.
  2. A camel goes through the eye of a needle:Describing the task is very difficult.

We came into this world not to enjoy wealth and happiness. The Lord Jesus taught us to choose to enter eternal life and lay up treasure in heaven. I am willing to believe in and accept Jesus Christ as my Savior, obey the words of the Lord Jesus, and follow Him by reading the Bible and praying every day.

Dear Heavenly Father, This rich young man chose to go home and hold on to his wealth instead of helping the poor and not following you. Please give me wisdom, guard my heart, don’t let other things stop me from following you, whether it’s friends, fun, computer games, mobile phones, etc. I will choose to obey your word, follow you, and lay up treasure in heaven. In the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!