SUK 6/3/23
Mark 10:35-52

(Mark 10:45)

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

When you envy others’ achievements, it’s best to understand how much effort they need to put in, and use the right method.

When the Lord Jesus was welcomed and supported by everyone, James and John among the disciples asked Jesus to let them sit on high positions when the Lord Jesus became king in the future. It turned out that the disciples did not understand that the Lord Jesus was going to suffer, and to sacrifice himself to be crucified to save the people of the world. The Lord Jesus once again taught them that in the kingdom of God, those who want to sit in a high position must follow the example of Jesus, starting from serving others as a servant, even disregarding their own life and death; not like people who do not know God , use high authority to manage and control others. The Lord Jesus went on to the city of Jericho and healed a blind beggar. The blind man knew that Jesus was the Savior they were waiting for, so he begged the Lord Jesus loudly with faith. After he was healed and able to see, he immediately followed the Lord Jesus Go together! His heart must be full of gratitude!

What is the difference between the Lord Jesus and the powerful kings, presidents, and chairman of the world? Choose and see, which are the examples that the Lord Jesus has done?

  1. □ Heal the blind beggar on the side of the road
  2. □ Wear a crown with jewelry on the head
  3. □ Have a limousine and a chauffeur
  4. □ Washing the feet of the disciples
  5. □ Living in the palace
  6. □ Casting out demons
  7. □ Go to every city and country to preach the truth of the kingdom of heaven
  8. □ Send soldiers to protect himself

  1. In your glory:to reign in the kingdom of God.
  2. The cup I drank and the baptism I received:It refers to the pain and difficulty that the Lord Jesus will suffer when he is about to go to the cross.
  3. Ransom:It is the price the Lord Jesus paid for saving people from sin.

The blind beggar recognized Jesus as the Savior, and the disciples lived with the Lord Jesus every day, but still only thought about what they wanted. The Lord Jesus lovingly and patiently taught them what they did not understand. We also need to read the Bible every day, learn the words of the Lord Jesus humbly, know more about Him, understand the wisdom He speaks, and learn from His example.

Dear Lord Jesus, You are a good and patient teacher who constantly teaches disciples and truly lives out what You teach. You are so hardworking, humble, loving and serving people. Please help me to live a life like you! In the holy name of the Lord Jesus, amen!