SUK 8/3/23
Mark 11:12-26

(Mark 11:22)

Jesus answered: “Have faith in God.”

What two special things does Jesus do in this passage? Did He lose his temper?

The Lord Jesus was about to go to the cross. On his way into Jerusalem on Monday, he cursed a barren fig tree, and the tree really withered the next day. This is to teach the Israelites not only to have green leaves, but also to produce a life of sincere fear of God. Then, He drove out the merchants in the temple, and overturned the tables and stools of the stalls, because the priests and merchants occupied the land there and made money at high prices, turning the temple, the dwelling place of God, into a chaotic shopping mall, and hindered those who sincerely wanted to worship God. Israelites and Gentiles. The Lord Jesus did not lose his temper. The Lord Jesus valued the reconciliation relationship between man and God, and between man and man. He once again taught his disciples to forgive each other, so that our loving heavenly Father will also forgive our sins and mistakes.

Pray to the Lord Jesus, ask Him to remind us who we need to be reconciled to? Whom do we need to forgive? Whom do we need to apologize to? It could be family members, classmates, or God.

Draw a card or write a note letting him know you want to make it up!

  1. Figs: It is a common fruit in Israel and is used as food. Figs are also used in the Bible to represent the nation of Israel.
  2. Money exchange: People who came to the temple from foreign countries need to exchange their offerings into Hebrew money. But they were charged a high fee.
  3. Den of Thieves: A place where robbers live. It means that these merchants cooperated with the priests to earn money from the worshipers of God by dishonest and improper methods at the temple.

When we go to church on Sunday, we can play with good friends, listen to the teacher tell stories, and have delicious snacks and fun games, but we must remember that the most important purpose is to worship our God who loves us, give thanks to the Lord Jesus, and confess our sins, sincerely repent and love each other.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for your courageous entry into Jerusalem during Good Friday. I would like to obey your teaching and become a good tree that bears fruit. Please help me to bear the fruit of forgiving people and the fruit of earnest worship of God. I would like to be reconciled with both people and God. In the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!