SUK 9/3/23
Mark 11:27-12:12

The Lord Jesus cleared the temple which offended the powerful priests, elders, scribes and businessmen who could benefit from doing business in it, and was challenged by them. Was Jesus frightened?

The Lord Jesus was very brave. He cleared the temple, which symbolizes the dwelling of God. Although he was challenged by people, he wisely told stories to illustrate the bad things these people did. It turns out that in the history of the Israelites, God sent many prophets to admonish, correct and warn the authoritative leaders not to do bad things, but the prophets were all killed. Now the Son of God, the Savior Jesus Christ, has come, and the authoritative leaders want to get rid of him. The Lord Jesus valued obedience to God’s will and was not afraid of men’s threats. He was ready to submit to God’s plan of salvation and walk on the road of crucifixion.

What should you do when you see someone in authority doing bad things? Think about why?

  1. □ Laughing at him
  2. □ Praying for him
  3. □ Screaming at him
  4. □ Beating him
  5. □ Tell parents
  6. □ Call the police
  7. □ Other ______

Chief Priests, Scribes, and Elders:These are the three authoritative members of the Jewish Sanhedrin, managing political and religious affairs.

When we see people in authority doing bad things that God doesn’t like, let’s not participate! We can pray to God and ask our parents, pastor, and teachers to protect and help us.

Dear Heavenly Father, please protect those with authority, including the president, pastors, policemen, parents, etc., and make them honest, kind and loving, and refrain from doing things that displease God, so that we can live in peace and joy. It is wisdom and courage to praise the Lord Jesus. I want to learn from the Lord Jesus and become a child of God’s favor. In the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!