SUK 12/3/23
Mark 13:1-37

(Mark 13:31)

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

According to the Bible, what will happen to this world in the end? What should we do before this happens?

Jesus said that the world will end one day, but when the world ends, He will come back to us and those who trust in Him will be saved. Before the world ends, there will be earthquakes, wars, famines, and a lot of suffering. And no one knows when the world will end. We must rely on the Lord Jesus, believe that He will come again, and be prepared to face the end of the world. We must also help people know God so that they can be saved together.

In today’s scriptures, the omens, disasters and strange natural phenomena that impressed you particularly deeply, try to practice drawing them.

Omen: Here it refers to the “sign” that people can know that something is about to happen.

This world will not last forever, only God’s word will not change and will not disappear. We need to believe more in what is written in the Bible, and act according to what God teaches, without being afraid of what will happen in the future.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for telling us that you will be with us in the end of the world. I want to make good use of every day, love my family and friends more, and introduce You to my friends, so that they can have the opportunity to know and believe in You. In the holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!