SUK 13/3/23
Mark 14:1-11

(Mark 14:8)

She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.

Why did this woman pour perfume on Jesus? Why were Jesus’ disciples angry with her?

In order to welcome and respect a person, the society at that time would put expensive ointment on his feet and head. This woman regards Jesus as the most precious. She loves and respects Jesus, so she breaks a bottle of ointment and pours it on Him. Some of the disciples valued money more than Jesus. They felt that this was a waste, and they were very angry, because this bottle of ointment could be sold for a lot of money and used to help the poor. Jesus praised the woman for what she had done for him, because the disciples could help the poor at any time, but Jesus would not always have the opportunity to be with the disciples.

Prepare a jar of scented lotion, use the lotion as a real balm, rub it on each other’s hands, and say blessings to each other.

  1. Relief: Use money to relieve and help people.
  2. Real Nada Balm: Real, pure Nada Balm. Nada is a precious spice made from sesame oil extracted from the root of a plant mainly produced in India.

This woman regards Jesus as the most precious thing, and what she did was praised by Jesus. I want to learn from her and do what Jesus would like me to do.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for loving us so much and willing to save us with your life. Nothing in the world is more precious than you. I want to love you more and put you in the most important position in my heart. I pray in the holy name of the Lord Jesus, amen!