Isaiah 47:1-15

( Isaiah 47:4)

Our Redeemer–the LORD Almighty is his name– is the Holy One of Israel.

Why was Babylon judged?

Babylon’s downfall is like a weak and delicate woman, but now she will be toiled like a slave, totally humbled and unprotected, because God wants to avenge his people. Babylon was judged because: first of all, they were proud, arrogant, and considered themselves kings of the nations. When God was angry with His people and delivered them into the hands of Babylon, Babylon showed no mercy to Israel, even burdening the elderly. Secondly, she loves to have fun and compares herself to God in her heart. She thinks she is in control of everything, but in the end she loses all dependence. The mind-set that compares herself to God makes her wisdom clever, and turns to error; neither can prevent the disasters that meet, nor escape. Even with spells and stargazing, they cannot save themselves, and no one can save them.

Babylon has no mercy, puts its burdens on the elderly, come play the game “Unburden”:

  1. The host first helps everyone to divide into groups, which can be in groups of two or three. (excluding host)
  2. After dividing into groups, please send one person from each group. Prepare several books to represent the burden.
  3. After pushing the group, explain that the person sent out should be responsible for standing still, and the other people should come out in turn to play finger-guessing with other groups. (Guess how many groups there are)
  4. There must be winners and losers in boxing guessing, and the host will give him a book for the losing group.
  5. The book should be placed on the body of the first person sent out in their group. Except that it cannot be held by hand, it can be placed anywhere on the body, but it cannot be placed in clothes or pockets or bags. (It can be stipulated that the people sent by each group are of similar stature to avoid unfairness)
  6. After several rounds of finger-guessing, see which group of books falls first, it will be considered a loser.
  7. If no one’s books are dropped, the game will be played until all the books are distributed, and it will be settled which group has the most books on them. Even win.

  1. Curse : Pagan runes and spells used to drive away ghosts and gods.
  2. New Moon: The first day of each month (also known as “First Day of the New Year”).

It’s good to like to enjoy God’s grace, but if you love pleasure, look down on weak people, even bully others, and are proud and self-righteous, God will not be pleased and you will suffer disasters. I would like to learn to be humble and love the Lord and others.

Dear Heavenly Father, praise You as the Lord who judges the nations, please enlighten my heart, remove all pride and boasting, help me learn humility, and respect You as Lord; Also, please give our country a heart of repentance, not worship false gods, and truly know You is the only God. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.