Isaiah 52:13-53:12

(Isaiah 53:5b)

The punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

Who are the servants of God mentioned here?

The work of a servant of God is astonishing, humble, haggard, and despised. The hearts of the people rejected Him, blind to the power of God manifested by the servant. The world misunderstands the suffering of the servant, thinking that he was rejected by God, but they don’t know that his suffering is because of our sins. Therefore, God has laid on him the sins of us all, just as the sacrificed animals bear the punishment of sinners; The servant was silent and obedient when he was suffering, like a sheep being led to the slaughter, and finally died of unrighteous oppression, but God changed man’s unrighteousness, fulfilled His will, and made him a sin offering. The servant’s suffering affected many. In the end, God called the servant “my righteous servant”, and His reward for the righteous servant is to make him exalt and become the supreme Messiah-Savior. The Messiah is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Knowing the Atonement

Sin offering:For atonement, cattle and sheep are punished by death for man (Leviticus 5:1, 17); Jesus Christ replaces us and becomes the sin offering.

Can I see what Jesus Christ suffered for me to cleanse me of my sins? He would rather be humbled, be underestimated, misunderstood, rejected, suffer physically and mentally, and finally be punished, injured, or even killed. I would like to cherish the Lord’s love more, respond to His love, and love the Lord more.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank the Lord Jesus for suffering on the cross, being crushed for my sins, and bearing my pain, so that I can get peace and healing, and help me learn humility, love you more, and let your will be done in on me, glorify You. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.