Isaiah 55:1-13

(Isaiah 55:11)

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

It is mentioned here, how can people enjoy and enjoy the good things of God?

God is like a generous host, inviting passers-by to enjoy the good food He provides. Man buys food for the flesh with the money earned by his labor, but he cannot be satisfied for a long time; it is different from paying attention to listening to God’s word, which is like enjoying His good things, which makes people happy and satisfied. Turning to God is to realize that God’s will and ways are different from people, just like the gap between heaven and earth. Just as rain and snow water the ground and cause it to produce food, so God promises and will do what He has commanded. The captive people will come out rejoicing like a victorious army returning home. As they passed mountains, hills, and trees in the fields, they all shouted and celebrated, because the salvation of Israel also renewed all creation.

Rain and snow fall from the sky… God will fulfill His promise, let’s see the principle of snow and rain

  1. Pine tree:the etymology is endurance, kicking and jumping. Represents peace, prosperity and obedience to God. Characterized by evergreen needles, usually in clusters of 2 to 5 needles. Native to the Mediterranean region, it is now widely grown in the mountains of Israel and Lebanon. Tree trunks can be used to make wood to build houses, temples and ships. It can also produce pine resin and oleoresin, and the fiber can be used to make pulp. The fruit of the pine tree is the pine cone, which is what we call pine nuts.
  2. Guava:It is an evergreen fruit tree that grows in the valleys of Palestine. It can reach a height of twelve to fifteen feet. The fruit is as big as an orange, with a thick skin that can be used as medicine, and the juicy and sweet flesh can be used to make wine. The guava tree is closely related to the history and life of the Jews. It is one of the fruits God gave to the Israelites in Canaan. Therefore, after the Jews were exiled and subjugated, the appearance of the guava symbolized the return of the Israelites. , and the Restoration of the Messianic Kingdom.
  3. Tribulus terrestris:It means “needle”, such as Miscanthus on the plant, the slender fluff or hairs grow on the plant, people feel like needles and hurt. Fast growth, low use value. It can grow in both dry and humid environments, has many seeds, has a high germination rate, is easy to reproduce, and covers a large area of land. Seeds that have not germinated have a long dormant period in the soil. When fire occurs, the husk will be burned away, which is equivalent to awakening the seeds to germinate. Therefore, after the fire burns the thorns, the thorns grow more and more.

Do I believe that God’s plan is better than my own? I am willing to rely on Him wholeheartedly, listen to and obey His words, and believe that His promises will be fulfilled.

Dear heavenly Father, I praise you as the Lord who is faithful and fulfills destiny and promises. Please guide me to walk on the path of relying on you, pay attention to your words in the Bible, and rejoice because of your salvation. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.