Isaiah 56:1-12

(Isaiah 56:2)

Blessed is the man who does this, the man who holds it fast, who keeps the Sabbath without desecrating it, and keeps his hand from doing any evil.

Which two kinds of people could not worship God together in the past, but now they can keep the Sabbath with Israel?

The people of Israel were judged because of injustice, and now they want to accept God’s covenant, keep the law, live a safe and happy life, keep the Sabbath and refrain from doing evil, so they are blessed. Israel was originally separated from the “Gentiles”. Now, as long as they are willing to return to the Lord, keep the covenant and keep the Sabbath, they can also become God’s servants, worshiping and offering sacrifices in the temple with joy, because God desires, the temple To be a house of prayer for all peoples. There are also “eunuchs” who were not able to participate in worship in the past, but now they also worship in the temple. Even if they cannot have offspring and continue their family status, the Lord has now given them an eternal name. God wanted to gather all the exiles and Gentiles together to worship together.

Blessed are those who keep the Sabbath, come to share activities:

  1. Sit in a circle and take turns to share: Am I happy to go to church regularly and worship on Sundays? Why yes or no? In the future, am I willing to receive God’s blessing and observe the Lord’s Day?
  2. Pray and bless together, especially for those who do not keep the Lord’s Day regularly.

  1. Sabbath:meaning “stop”, the seventh day of the week in the Jewish calendar, from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday in the Gregorian calendar. According to records in the Old Testament, after the 6-day creation, God rested and “stopped” the work of creation on the seventh day and designated it as a “holy day”. It also means “rejuvenation” and “comfort”. It is also a gift from God, for man’s rest and benefit. This is not only a command to the Israelites, but also to their animals, servants, slaves, and strangers. Obedience will enjoy the promise of God. In the New Testament, the church designated the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as “Lord’s Day”, the first day of the week (Sunday), to worship and commemorate the resurrection of the Lord, and to thank Christ for his salvation, because Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, so that believers, Enjoy true rest.
  2. Eunuch:A male official who served the royal family after being castrated (removing the genitals of humans or animals, or other means of infertility) in ancient times.

The Church of God is a house of prayer for all peoples, and he delights all kinds of people to worship Him together. I am also willing to accept different people, whether I like them or not, I am willing to learn to love each other and become the Lord’s people together.

Dear Heavenly Father, praise You as the Lord of Creation, thank You for giving the Sabbath, so that different people can worship You with one heart and enjoy blessings, please help me to keep worshiping on Sundays all my life, and live in Your love. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, amen.